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Code of Conduct for URA players and Parents

Player Code of Conduct

As a URA Player, I will:

Follow all URA organizational rules and regulations.

Treat coaches, teammates, opponents, umpires, officials and spectators with courtesy and respect.

Uphold the rules of the game.

Never use profanity, engage in trash talking, tease or otherwise harass others

Never criticize the play of others.

Accept the decisions of umpires without gesture or argument.

Follow the instructions or team rules of my coach without argument. This includes instructions regarding playing time and position.

Work hard, concentrate, cooperate and not be disruptive at practices and games.

Parent Code of Conduct-  Please remember this is a recreational league

As a URA Parent or Guardian, I will:

Learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league and teach my child to play by the rules.

Remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for youth, not adults.

Foster a positive and supportive environment by exhibiting behavior that is respectful of all players, coaches, umpires and other spectators.

Inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.

Not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well-being of the athletes.

Practice good sportsmanship and demonstrate respect at all times to my child, my child’s coaches, teammates and their parents, opposing coaches, opponents and parents, spectators and officials.

Never openly express criticism for any coach, player, opposing team or umpire.

Never use profanity, foul, derogatory or abusive language.

NEVER ADDRESS THE OFFICIALS under any circumstances.

Accept the decisions of umpires without gesture or argument.

NOT coach the team or my child from the sideline during game play.

Limit my sideline involvement to positive statements that encourage fair play and sportsmanship without providing specific instructions to players during game play.

Encourage my children to ask their coaches any questions they have.

NOT discuss another child with the coach; such questions must be directed to that child’s parent or guardian.

Follow the instructions of the coach and/or official during the game, including leaving the area if asked by the coach, official or commissioner if he/she feels my behavior or actions so warrant it.

Notify my child’s coaches of any planned absences from practice or games

Never attend a practice, game or other related activity under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Not contact a coach (verbal, written, e-mail) about the specifics of a game until 48 hours have passed from the end of game.

Educate my guests on these guidelines and be responsible for their actions and behavior.

I understand that coaches or board members may remove any coach, player, parent or spectator from the gym or playing field for failure to adhere to the above-established guidelines.  I also understand that violations of any of the items above could result in disciplinary action up to and including being banned from any URA activities at the discretion of the URA Board.

As a parent or guardian of a child in Unionville Recreation Association Activities, I agree to live by the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles as described above.  I also will help my child understand and live by these principles.

Waiver of Liability
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