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Mar, 2022

Background Check Requirement

In 2015, The State of Pennsylvania enacted a new law to enhance the safety and protection of the youth in our state. In particular, the law requires additional background checks on adult volunteers at schools and other organizations, including URA Recreational League. 

In summary, all adult volunteers must now obtain additional clearances from BOTH the PA State Police AND the PA Department of Human Services.

Additionally, volunteers that have resided in PA continuously for the last 10 years must also complete a "Background Check Signature Form" which affirms their 10 year PA residency, and also affirms that they have not been convicted of certain crimes as outlined on the form.URA is an entirely volunteer organization.  

Every year we are in need of coaches for every division.  All coaches, head and assistants, MUST  complete a background check. Coach Screening / Background Check Policy Statement and Process Background Criminal background screening is conducted by a screening committee, a subset of the URA Board, in an effort to protect the children who participate in programs sanctioned by and all related activities associated with URA.  The criminal background screening is mandatory, no exceptions.

Please review ALL FAQs listed on the BACKGROUND INFORMATION page located in the REGISTRATION tab for a better understanding of the process.